San Diego vacation rentals

At Blue Chip Rentals we've designed our business around a principle of taking responsibility and working to protect the owners and agencies that list on our website as well as the vacationers who search and book rentals through this system. Whether you are searching for San Diego vacation rentals, New york vacation rentals or vacation homes for rent by owner in another part of the country, we want you to know how we handle your information, how we conduct our business and overall, we understand you need to know what we are about. This is why we post our terms and policies clearly and in a place where they are easily accessible. You need to know who you are working with and in what ways you are protected when you are looking for New York City vacation rentals or when you are listing an available rental. We encourage you to review our policies and in the event you have any questions before you get started, please feel free to contact us. Our aim is to be as honest with you as possible and to let you know that we are here to enable you to search or list properties with peace of mind.

New York City vacation rentals

With the rise of Internet use and advance in technology in our world, it is necessary to stay on top on the changes, as well as those who unfortunately try to thwart those changes. As a result of some of these breaches, you may feel your security is compromised, creating a hesitancy to conduct business online or with businesses you are not familiar with. When it comes to securely reserving New York City vacation rentals and other vacation homes across the U.S., you can count on us to protect you.

We will let you know how we are using your information so that you can rest assured it is not being mishandled as long as you work with us. You have the ability to change your information and you can also notify us when you would prefer that we no longer use your information to market to you. The lines of communication are open and we encourage you to contact us with questions about your privacy. You can feel safe when you come to us looking for San Diego vacation rentals, knowing your information is protected.