Real Time, Master Calendar

Real Time, Master Calendar :

finally just ONE up-to-the-second, accurate availability calendar per property with the ability to accept ONLINE RESERVATIONS.

  • With Owner Plus your website visitors can use our pricing and reservation engine to check availability and pricing, real-time, 24/7 for each of your vacation properties. There is no longer any need to manage multiple calendars which can be confusing and time-consuming, at best.

  • As the Owner Plus "manager" you'll be able to get a quick view of all reservations at once (e.g. new, paid in full, payment due, payment past due, etc). You can also enter phone reservations into the Owner Plus system and have those slots show up as reserved, online.

  • From any specific property calendar, a vacationer can make an inquiry or request a reservation for you to confirm or cancel. All information is completely integrated with every other component of the Owner Plus system.

  • Combining other Calendars with Owner Plus - is quick and easy
    If you already have an online calendar(s) on your site that shows availability per property and property listings on our site and/or other listing sites, you'll want to replace that link(s) with a link to the Calendar in your Owner Plus system. This is a must if you are planning on managing reservations with Owner Plus and only involves a simple link replacement (a very easy process that we'll provide instructions for and guide you through if necessary).

The Calendar, EZ Inquiry Management, and EZ Reservations Management are tightly coupled (with the other components of the system) so that using one without the others would lead to inconsistency in the reservation process. Once you start working from a single calendar, you'll be amazed at the improvement in your business workflow and how much time you'll save.  Plus, you eliminate any possibility of a double-reservation of a property - and losing a customer.

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